Today is Family Field Trips and Card Club.

Happy Saturday everyone! Today we have our Family Field Trips and Card club. Head out to our Family Trip Destinations and have a blast, or visit us in the library for cards at 10:00.
(Blueberries picked or expo tickets are on us. Just tell the event staff you are with the Gorham Library Group.)

Meet Libby!

Libby is a wonderful app you can use to access thousands of books, audiobooks and magazines (which just became available this week). The app is available as a free download to your phone or tablet.

Books, audiobooks and magazines can be downloaded to your device for offline use, or you can choose to stream them to save space on your device.

A feature that I have found especially helpful is the ability to tag titles. Tags allow you to organize titles into lists such as books you loved, books you hated, or books to read. You can even create your own tags such as emojis by tapping on the plus sign.

At you can try Libby before you download. Just click on the “try” button on the device picture and follow the steps shown on the screen which will easily guide through set-up. You can also come into the library and we can assist you in setting up your device and show you some of our favorite tips and tricks.