Teens, Coffee, and Retro Crafts.

Hello Teens! Would you like to try out a craft from the great and fabulous 90s!

Stop in on Friday at 4:30 or Saturday at 10:00 to create your own perler bead project.images (3)

“Tiny and spherical, Perler beads were supposedly invented by Gunnar Knutsson in Stockholm, Sweden during the 1960s. Knutsson created Perlers specifically to exercise the dexterity required to grasp the beads, making them a perfect therapy tool for the elderly. By the 1990s, Perler beads were a favorite craft supply. Children arranged the beads on a peg board, then begged adults to assist them by covering the beads in wax paper and pressing down with a hot iron. The heat fuses the beads, holding the child’s pattern in place. Today, perler beads are often a favorite among video game fans, who value the beads’ pixel-like look”